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 OGL Racing Club details & Club Schedule

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PostSubject: OGL Racing Club details & Club Schedule   Mon May 02, 2011 1:32 am

Introduction to the OGL Racing Club

Using our second dedicated server we are introducing an OGL Racing Club designed for -

- special events - every so often we will host events like the Race of Champions or a one off race somewhere all designed to be done in one night.
- race nights using specific mods - for e.g. go-karting nights, F3 nights etc. We will just race various tracks with points going towards your ranking. you can request race nights in the request forum found here
- time trial events ran over a set period of time using the hotlap system. A database of every lap registered can be found here
- requested mods and tracks can also be requested if you fancy having a blast on something!

-Any race that happens on the club server will issue points which will go towards your 'Club Ranking'. Please remember you dont have to enter every event it's more an ongoing points system that you can participate when u can/want. 

-The points will be displayed in the forum and updated automatically by the server after each race. When a time trial event is announced we will add the points after it has finished manually.

-Obviously races will only be allowed to happen if there is member of staff around and there is a minimum number of drivers, so if there's a few people on that want to race then races can be started at any time to score points towards your ranking. This is to prevents someone goin on racing alone to just rack up points! The server will also be setup in a way that the race won't be available without an admin present.

Below is a list of all the points that will be issued when you race on the club server and the Club Ranking System Points

points lead lap =3
points lead the most laps =5



Club Ranking Points (Reputation) - WIP!!!

0-200 - Club Rookie
200 - 500 - Club Driver
500 - 700 - Seasoned Club Driver
700 - 1000 - Veteran Club Driver
more to come!!!

Let me just stress that this is just a nice little extra something for the group, you dont have to be a league driver to compete in any events, if you like the look off something then enter it. It will be aimed at just getting on the server and racing without much setup. as for the Time Trials its just a challenge so get involved and enjoy it.. theres not many forums that own two servers with the features that are offered here.

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OGL Racing Club details & Club Schedule
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